Rocky Road

What is Rocky Road? Well, it’s a kind of mess of chocolate, butter, biscuits, dried fruit and any leftover chocolate sweets you might feel inclined to chuck in with some extra marshmallows dumped in for good measure. It basically looks like a chunk of tarmac dug up by one of the many workmen who were digging holes in our street earlier this year.

14568032_1826915734197731_5750335848011110961_n (1)

My Mother came to visit a few months ago as my Dad was fitting a new bathroom in their house. She flew up from Wales to Scotland to use my bathroom for a week and get fed lots of yummy recipes from my kitchen in the process! In the space of 10 days we had two separate companies digging up our street, the water got cut off for several hours on 3 days, the BT cable got severed in two separateĀ  “incidents” and to top it all our boiler packed in completely and had to be replaced.

So we had no water for 3 days, and no hot water for most of the week! Chunks of what looked like Rocky Road were strewn across our pavements and driveways until normality was restored, around the time my Mum was due to fly home. It was a disaster! This recipe just reminded me of what our street looked like for that week!

If your street is being done this week then I am very sorry for what you are going through but maybe this recipe might make you feel better about the disruption. You could even feed some to the workmen!


It’s Halloween tomorrow and we will no doubt get a string of strangely dressed Trick or Treaters knocking our door so it’s a good idea to get prepared ahead of time. This recipe is a great one to throw together from stuff you probably already have in your kitchen cupboards and anything with chocolate in tastes great! The plus side is that you can make it really quickly in the morning, then stick it in your fridge to firm up for a few hours until the witches, werewolves and ghosts visit.


Be warned though that this recipe is high in fat, sugar and calories which is probably why it tastes so good! It is best eaten in small amounts if you are following any kind of calorie controlled diet….licking the melted chocolate from the bowl doesn’t count by the way as long as no one sees you eat it! It’s also a great messy recipe for kids to make if you need to occupy them for an hour…..just expect melted chocolate to cover just about everything in your kitchen and all the doorknobs around the house!

14907144_1826915604197744_2018362692557654369_n (1)

Have fun making this and feel well and truly smug that you made your own homemade treats this year!

Now go and pour yourself a glass of wine and tell your husband that you have been working for hours in the kitchen so you need a rest!



8oz Butter

4oz Dark Chocolate

2 tablespoons of golden syrup

1 optional tablespoon of caster sugar

4oz of digestive biscuits

1 tabelspoon of sultanas

4oz of marsh mallows

An optional 2oz of malteesers or any other chocolate sweet

A few chopped cherries or chocolate chips

Melt all of these ingredients in a Bain Marie or melt the chocolate and butter very slowly and carefully on a low setting in the microwave for a couple of minutes, then stir in the golden syrup and sugar. You need to watch it and stir regularly.

Next mix in 4oz of roughly crushed digestive biscuits, 1 tablespoon of sultanas, 4oz marshmallows and an optional 2 oz of malteesers. You can also add a few chopped cherries or chocolate chips.

Mix well then put into a buttered square cake tin.

Leave to cool thoroughly in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Cut into squares and serve. Delicious but share with friends as high in calories !



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