Mediterranean Fish Stew

I had just come home from an amazing holiday in Gran Canaria with my husband where we had been eating the most delicious selection of local fish, all freshly cooked to order. We had been pretty spoilt for 12 days eating the most awesome fresh food! When we arrived home in Scotland we were feeling tired from travelling and cold from the drop in temperature. We were soon craving something warming and satisfying for dinner but I also wanted a recipe to remind us of the lovely flavours we had enjoyed on Gran Canaria. My fridge was bare but I’m never too tired to food shop so I nipped out for the ingredients of an awesome fish stew!

I quickly threw this recipe together from an enormous fillet of naturally smoked haddock I bought half price ( I love a bargain!)  and a few other simple ingredients. You could also cook this recipe with any fresh white fish or defrosted frozen fish stashed in your freezer. I created this fabulous tasting fish stew in minutes in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker but you can cook in a covered skillet or pan over the hob. The entire recipe is cooked in just one pot so there is minimal washing up. Brilliant planning!

The other good thing is that it’s a diet friendly meal, which was just what I needed the day before my next Weight Watchers weigh in! For the diet version, you can use water instead of white wine to keep the recipe as light as possible.

There are quite a lot of vegetables in this recipe which will release liquid during cooking and this adds to the poaching liquor for the fish to cook and create the lovely flavour of the stew.


I served with some mashed potato and swede which I had squirreled away in my freezer and just needed heating up in the microwave. You could also serve with chunky pieces of bread to dunk in or baked potatoes. The smell of this stew when I opened the lid was incredible! It was definitely worth the trip to the supermarket. My yummy stew easily served two very hungry people.

Here’s my recipe which I hope you will enjoy making and eating as much as we did.

1 VERY large fillet of naturally Smoked Haddock (or any white fish fillets), enough for 2 people
7 regular tomatoes, chopped
1 chopped, deseeded green pepper
A tablespoon of fresh or teaspoon of dried herbs
5 whole garlic cloves
A pinch of saffron
2 -3 tablespoons of stoned olives
The juice of half a lemon
1 fish stock pot or cube ( I used a Tesco brand stock pot)
200 ml of water (or white wine)


I put everything into my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker and cooked on Manual for 3 minutes followed by 6 minutes Natural Pressure Release then Manual Pressure Release.

Alternatively cook on the hob over a gentle heat in a covered deep frying pan or skillet for around 12 to 15 minutes, allowing the fish to poach in all the lovely flavours.



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