Seafood Risotto

I cooked up a super tasty Seafood Risotto recently and it tasted blooming lovely!

You can use any seafood you fancy in this recipe…. fresh, cooked or defrosted from frozen. I used a cooked mixed seafood pack from the supermarket containing prawns, squid and mussels but when we tour the Highlands and Islands we source fresh local seafood where ever we can.

Kallin Shellfish on Grimsay, the Outer Hebrides is an amazing treasure trove of fresh locally caught produce and definitely worth a visit. We stop off there to stock up on fresh Hebridean seafood whenever we are passing. There is an incredible man made scallop beach right outside, created by over 20 years of discarded scallop shells. Amazing!


If you are using fresh raw seafood then just cook a few minutes longer at the end to make sure the seafood is completely cooked through.

I cooked mine in my Instant Pot Digital Pressure Cooker but you can also cook in a pan on the hob. For hob cooking you do need to stand there to watch and stir the risotto as it cooks, adding hot stock bit by bit. You will still get a good end result as long as you have a bit of patience as it will take longer. Just pour a glass of wine out, put some music on and stir. You can use fresh fish stock but I use fish stock pots for convenience.

This recipe would also make a really lovely meal for a Valentines Dinner served with a glass of chilled white wine or something fizzy maybe? Garnish this delicious Seafood Risotto with lemon zest and fresh parsley or serve alongside a nice fresh side salad.

It was totally delicious by the way and we ate the whole lot between the two of us! I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as we did.


( Serves 2 big portions)

1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons of olive oil
200g of Arborio Risotto Rice
100ml of white wine
4 crushed garlic cloves
1 fish stock pot, stock cube dissolved in 500ml of water (or use fresh fish stock)
The juice and zest of half a lemon
Half a teaspoon each of garlic granules and onion granules
200g of mixed fresh seafood e.g. prawns, squid rings, mussels ( I used precooked in a mixed packet)
150g of frozen peas
half a deseeded chopped red chilli
A tablespoon of fresh parsley
Additional stock or water to add as necessary towards the end of cooking

1. Saute the onion in the olive oil for a few min on the saute function of the Instant Pot ( or in your pan if hob cooking). Turn the saute mode to low if cooking too fast and stir constantly to prevent burning.

2. Add the rice , stirring continuously and saute for a few minutes until the rice starts to go transparent .

3. Add the wine and stir to deglaze the pan.

4.Add all the stock for Instant Pot cooking (or gradually for hob cooking), lemon juice, fresh garlic, garlic and onion powders then stir again.

5. Cook on Manual for 5 min in the Instant Pot or if hob cooking, cook for 15 to 20 min stirring regularly and adding the hot stock gradually until absorbed and rice is cooked.

6. For Instant Pot Cooking do 5 min Natural Pressure Release then Manual Pressure Release.

7. Stir in the seafood, chilli and peas. Turn the Instant Pot to a low saute mode. Add extra hot water or stock during this final cooking stage as necessary to ensure it doesn’t dry out. Cook for another 5 min gently stirring to prevent rice sticking to the base.

8. Taste the risotto and check the rice is cooked to your desired consistency and that the peas and seafood are thoroughly heated through. If using raw seafood you might have to cook for a couple of minutes longer. The risotto should have a creamy texture .

9. Serve garnished with the fresh parsley and lemon zest then pour yourself a glass of the leftover wine! Enjoy xx




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