Smoked Salmon Pasta with Courgetti

I first made this recipe on a beautiful deserted beach on North Uist over a BBQ in a single pot and we ate the whole lot between the two of us! Give my recipe a try. It’s quick and easy to make but tastes delicious enough for a dinner party, served with a salad and crusty bread.

We bought the smoked salmon locally from an amazing place called the Hebridean Smokehouse, just down the road from the beach. They sell all kinds of fantastic local produce, including their own smoked fish and cheeses, as well as island crafts.

Once we arrived at the beach, I set up my trusty cooking pot over a mini camping BBQ. Then I simply cooked some wholewheat pasta spirals and courgette spirals (or courgetti) together in a pot of water. You can either make your own courgetti using a spiraliser or you can buy courgetti ready made in most supermarkets. The pasta only took around 11 to 12 minutes to cook so it’s a great quick recipe to throw together.



Once the pasta was almost done, but still with some bite left (al dente), I drained the pasta/courgetti mixture, reserving a little of the cooking liquor.

Next I stirred in a couple of big spoonfuls of cream cheese with garlic and herbs until the cheese had melted down to make a thick creamy sauce. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice if you wish at this stage. Be generous with the cream cheese….trust me on this, as it will melt down to make the most amazing tasting and creamy pasta sauce. If you love garlic, you can also add extra fresh crushed garlic and just stir in to the sauce.


I then added strips of smoked salmon and enough of the cooking water to ensure that the sauce didn’t dry out. I stirred over the heat just long enough to heat everything through and served up in big bowls. Remeber to pack your picnic cutlery, otherwise eating this with your hands could be interesting!


I can’t give you exact quantities of the ingredients as I didn’t weigh anything on the beach. It was roughly a large pack of smoked salmon (probably enough for 4 people but we ate it all between 2!), a whole standard tub of cream cheese, a couple of courgettes and roughly half a standard packet of pasta spirals. Everything just got chucked in until I felt it looked right.

You can use as much pasta, courgetti and smoked salmon as you fancy and this recipe easily multiplies up to serve more people. You just need a bigger pot! If you haven’t got any courgettes you could also use peas in this recipe instead.

We ate this delicious meal, sitting on the sand, watching the waves and listening to oyster catchers flying overhead. It was one of the most romantic meals I have ever experienced and was such a beautiful place to enjoy a homemade Al Fresco lunch with my hubby.

……The other great thing about eating on a beach is that the seaweed is perfect for cleaning the pot afterwards! I hope you enjoy my recipe as much as we did.


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