My Marvelous Mojito!

I tasted my first ever Mojito while on holiday in Cuba several years ago and absolutely loved the fresh zingy flavour! It’s a very cooling and refreshing cocktail, making it the perfect drink to sip in the garden in the Summer.


I have loads of chocolate mint growing in my garden from a cutting my Dad gave me. You can use any kind of mint in this recipe but my homegrown chocolate mint does give this cocktail an added twist. This variety of mint does actually taste of chocolate!


Give my very quick and easy Mojito recipe a go next time you light up the BBQ or have friends around. It’s probably one of the easiest cocktails to make as it doesn’t involve a blender or any complicated ingredients. You can easily knock up one of these sophisticated drinks up in minutes with a simple bit of pouring, mashing and stirring!

I’ve seen other recipes on the internet using up to 50 ml of rum and up to a tablespoon of sugar but I have made my version lower in sugar and lighter on the alcohol. It’s up to you how strong or sweet you make your own cocktail. Just experiment with the quantities of the different ingredients and flavours until you get it just how you like it.





Half a lime cut into chunks
a tablespoon of fresh mint leaves (the top or young leaves are best)
a teaspoon of sugar
30 ml of white rum
a handful of crushed ice and ice cubes
Enough soda water to top up your glass (if you haven’t got any soda water then you can use tonic water)


Put the lime, mint and sugarĀ  into a tall glass and using the end of a wooden spoon crush gently by pressing down onto the fruit and leaves about 8 times. Don’t over crush or the pith from the lime will make the cocktail taste bitter.

Add 30 ml of white rum, and stir.

Next add a tablespoon of crushed ice, top up with soda water, a few whole ice cubes and stir again

Garnish with slices of lime and a sprig more of mint

Sip in the sunshine Al Fresco and enjoy!

Here’s my serving suggestion below with a yummy plate of BBQ pork steaks cooked my my gorgeous husband. It all tasted delicious by the way!




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