Weight Watcher Banana Ice Cream

This has got to be the easiest recipe in the World and is diet friendly! The first time I ever made this my husband just loved it and asked for seconds! He couldn’t believe that it was made from mostly fruit plus the banana and yoghurt produces a really creamy texture without all the fat you get in traditional ice cream. This is a great way to get kids to eat more fruit.

This is also a good way to use up bananas which are going ripe too quickly in the fruit bowl and need using up. You do need a good blender however to mash up the frozen fruit, such as a Vitamix. Take the frozen fruit out of the freezer around 10 minute before you wish to make the ice cream. If your blender isn’t that powerful, just leave the frozen fruit out to defrost just a bit longer so that it is softer for your mixer and easier to blend.

Adjust the quantities to suit your personal taste. Use mostly fruit and add just a spoonful or two of yoghurt to give a creamy texture and flavour. You can use fat free, low fat or full fat yoghurt, it’s up to you but Greek Yoghurt is best as it’s thicker in texture.


Ingredients (to serve 2 massive portions!)
Frozen banana chunks from 2 bananas
A handful of Frozen Mixed Berries eg strawberries, raspberries
1 to 2 tablespoons of fat free or low fat Greek yoghurt
an optional teaspoon of honey
An optional 1 fresh banana, sliced, to garnish

Just chuck everything in the Vitamix or blender and process in stages, just enough until it starts to look like ice cream. If you have a pulse button on your blender use that to ensure that you don’t over blend. If you over process, you will end up with a smoothie!

Use the Vitamix plastic stirring tool which comes with the blender to gently push the frozen fruit onto the blades and ensure even mixing.

Garnish with fresh banana slices and eat immediately before it defrosts. Enjoy your delicious home made dessert guilt free!



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