My Cosmic Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Here’s another of my favourite cocktails. I first drank one of these with my sister in San Francisco in a revolving bar which was on the top floor of a high rise building. It wasn’t until the second cocktail until I realized that the whole top floor of the building was slowly revolving! That was a strange experience. I kept wondering why the view outside was changing every time I sipped another mouthful of my delicious drink….

Anyway….I now like to make this in a big jug then you can just top up your glass as required. It’s another great outdoors Summertime drink to be enjoyed in the garden with friends, at your afternoon BBQ or just indulgently on your own with some good music in the background.



Cranberry juice (fill at least two thirds of your glass or jug)
Fresh lemon or lime juice (half a lemon/lime freshly squeezed per glass)

Then top up with alcohol which is a mixture of;
Vodka and
Cointreau (a lovely tasting orange liqueur)

Sugar (a quarter of a teaspoon per glass)

Add plenty of ice cubes

Mix up as alcoholic as you like with cranberry juice being the main ingredient.

Stir everything together and serve chilled with plenty of ice, a slice of lemon or lime …..and relax.



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