Spicy Vegetable Samosas

Try these delicious oven baked vegetarian samosas which are lower in fat than the deep fried variety but still taste great! My samosas are great as part of a buffet, a snack or as a starter with any of the curry recipes already on my blog.

I last made these when we had some friends around for a curry and they loved them! I served with my Chicken Tikka Masala, rice, Naan breads and the pakora recipe also on my blog.

My samosas are also fabulous, served with a simple raita dip made from yoghurt, chopped cucumber and fresh mint or a little fresh garlic.




garam masala
fresh garlic
dried garlic granules
cumin seeds
chopped fresh onion
vegetable oil for frying

cooked potato
defrosted frozen peas

Homemade or shop bought pastry


I make my own pastry or you can use shop bought filo pastry.

The filling was made by frying some garam masala, fresh garlic, dried garlic and cumin seeds with some chopped onion in a small amount of oil. I haven’t included quantities for the spices as you can make according to how spicy you like them. I used a good heaped teaspoon of each spice and a few fresh garlic cloves to make the amount shown in the cover photo.

Then I added cooked cooked mashed potato and a few lightly cooked drained peas (defrosted from a frozen bag).

I cooked the vegetable and spice filling for a few more minutes in a frying pan to let the flavours combine then set aside to cool.

The pastry was made from a pound of plain flour to which I added approx 5oz of melted butter, half a teaspoon of turmeric powder for extra flavour and enough milk to make a soft dough. You can also use plain shop bought filo pastry.

I rolled out the pastry thinly, cut into rounds and stuffed with the filling. I sealed the edges of the samosas with milk and crimped the edges closed to make a miniature pasty shape.

I brushed with milk and cooked at around 180C for approx 20 min until golden brown and completely cooked underneath.

You may as well make a whole load of these as they are very more-ish and also freeze well if there are any leftover. Enjoy x




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