Mint Jelly

This is a fabulous recipe inspired by a recipe handed down by my Husband’s late Auntie Pam who was given the recipe by Granny George. It’s a very treasured Westwood recipe! I have loads of chocolate mint growing in my garden which I use but any garden mint will do.


My husband just loves the stuff so I make it every year and we eat it with roast lamb, slow cooked lamb, braised lamb’s hearts and lamb burgers. It’s also pretty tasty with cheese and oatcakes! Don’t worry if you make too much as you an give it to your friends as Christmas presents!

To get the jelly to set use a bottle of Certo which is an apple pectin product you will find in most good supermarkets with all the sugar or jam making stuff. I found a bottle in Tesco.


As with all jam and jelly making, it is important to sterilize your jars well. You can wash and dry in the dishwasher, making sure they are bone dry before you fill them. Alternatively wash thoroughly in hot soapy water, rinse well, then put in the microwave on high power for a few minutes with a few cm of water in each jar. This kills all the bacteria and fungi. Drain out the water and dry the jars completely in a hot oven. Fill the jars while they are still hot. I use cellophane jam pot covers to seal mine.

I have adapted the original recipe slightly, using twice as much mint as Auntie Pam would have used because I like my jelly extra minty! Using our homegrown chocolate mint variety also adds an extra dimension to the flavour. The original recipe contained a few drops of green food colouring which you can add if you like, it’s just my personal preference to leave it out, keeping things as natural as possible.

Once made, store in a cool, dark, dry cupboard for up to a year and once opened keep in the fridge with a clean cover on top.




1250g of sugar ( 2 ¾ lb

55g or 2oz of fresh mint

375 ml of white vinegar (¾ pint)
375 ml of water (¾ pint)
1 bottle of Certo (apple pectin product)


Put everything except the Certo in the pan and boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

Strain through a sieve and discard the mint leaves, then add the Certo and boil again for another 5 minutes until setting point has been reached.

To test for setting point, put a teaspoonful on a cold plate from the fridge and leave for a few minutes to cool. It should wrinkle on the surface when you run your finger through the blob of cooled jelly.

Place into sterilized jars, seal and leave to set. Enjoy xx



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