Haggis Scotch Eggs

I love haggis with my cooked breakfast and have been eating haggis ever since I moved to Scotland. I’ve even made my own and you can look up my fabulous recipe under the Scottish recipes section of this blog site.


The other day, I had the great idea of making scotch eggs using haggis instead of sausage meat. I must admit, that I have never actually made scotch eggs until now so after researching several methods of making them, I came up with my own version which I am delighted to share with you. Believe me when I say you will want to make these as they taste incredible!


Traditionally scotch eggs are deep fried but to make a healthier version I oven baked mine. I also made my own breadcrumbs by crumbling up 2 day old homemade sourdough but you can buy breadcrumbs ready made if you prefer.


It’s a messy recipe to make but a lot of fun and they tasted flipping awesome so it was definitely worth the effort. It’s easier to slice them in half when they are cold for the best presentation for a dinner party starter as they can be a bit fragile when hot. Otherwise, if it’s just flavour you are after, they do actually taste amazing hot and straight out of the oven with plenty of ketchup!

You can also reheat very gently in the microwave for around a minute. We just dived right in, straight from the oven, as they smelt so amazing. Oh WOW, the flavour was just gorgeous! I hope you enjoy making these too.



Ingredients (makes 3 Scotch Eggs)
350g Haggis
4 eggs
2 tablespoons of plain flour
1 cup of breadcrumbs

Boil 3 of the eggs for 7 min.

While the eggs are boiling, get all the other ingredients out ready.

Beat the remaining egg and put to one side in a separate bowl. Measure out the flour into another bowl.

Measure out the breadcrumbs into the 3rd bowl.

Divide the haggis into 3 pieces and using clean hands roll into 3 balls. Set to one side.

Get a square piece of cling film out ready roughly 20 x 20 cm and lie flat out on a clean chopping board or work surface.

Once the eggs have boiled for 7 min remove from the saucepan. Tap each egg to crack the shells before plunging into iced water in a separate bowl for 5 to 10 minutes to cool. Cracking the egg shells slightly after cooking helps to remove the shells.

Peel the eggs, roll in the flour to coat then set to one side.

Take one of the haggis balls and place on the piece of cling film then flatten using your hands or a rolling pin into a large circle. You need it big enough to cover the surface of one of the eggs.

Place one of the eggs in the middle of the haggis circle then pull the sides of the cling film up around the egg, drawing the haggis around to cover the egg. Using your hands. very gently mould the haggis around the egg, being carefully not to squash it. If you haven’t got quite enough haggis to completely cover the egg then just stick a small piece on to patch it up, then reshape.

Once the egg is completely covered fairly evenly in haggis, remove the cling film. Dip the fledgling haggis into the beaten egg then roll in the breadcrumbs.

Place each scotch egg on a baking sheet then cook in the oven at Gas  Mark 5/190C/170C Fan for 40  min or until the haggis coating is thoroughly cooked and the scotch egg is golden brown all over.

Serve hot out of the oven or if you prefer to slice in half to serve for a starter at a dinner party, cool first for slicing. Yummy!



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